Headmaster’s Newsletter – 2 March 2018

Dear Parents,

I would like to start this newsletter by thanking all of our staff for their effort and dedication this past week. Many of them have to travel significant distances every day to come to work and the exceptional weather has posed many challenges. On Thursday we thought many might struggle to make it in but as a mark of the commitment they have to your children they were all at work bar one. It is this type of dedication that marks out our staff from many. Thank you.

The girls in Upper Transitus have performed outstandingly in their exams to senior schools. Today I can announce that one third of the girls have been offered a total of 26 scholarships, a new record, and every girl has been accepted by one of their chosen schools. Congratulations to both pupils and staff for these excellent results.

Last week, the same girls went on a trip to the Globe Theatre. They had a tour of the theatre, a quite magical space, and learnt all about the history of the first Elizabethan period. They then had a workshop in one of the rehearsal rooms based on ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, which is the play the girls will be performing in May for their end of year musical. The trip was cross-curricular between the History, English and Drama Departments.

On Friday last week the pupils in Upper Gamma visited the UCL Chemical Engineering Department. There they had the opportunity to take part in a series of seven experiments linked to their science curriculum. This was a wonderful opportunity for them to do some practical science in the laboratories of one of the world’s leading universities under the guidance of PhD students. We are most grateful to Professor Lettieri for arranging the visit. Plans are underway for Upper Beta to do the same next term.

As the snow was falling on Wednesday Middle School were on parade at Wellington Barracks by Buckingham Palace. Hosted by the Scots Guards, the children watched rehearsals for ‘Changing the Guard’, learnt about the history of the regiment and were shown all the various pieces of kit the soldiers use. A memorable experience for all. Their newfound skills for Drill will put them in good stead come Field Day.

Thank you for your generosity on Mufti Day before Half Term. We have had a letter of thanks from Winston’s Wish, which is below.

The dates and fees for 2019 have now been set. They can be found on the pdf version of this newsletter.