Headmaster’s Newsletter – 9 March 2018

Dear Parents,

This week’s Assembly was a tour de force of what life at Hill House is all about – variety, opportunity and excellence. Lower School gave us a quite wonderful rendition of Julia Donaldson’s book, Monkey Puzzle. How these children were able to remember so much at such a young age is incredible. Thank you to all the teachers in Lower School and the Drama teachers for all their hard work. The Drama Club reprised their rendition of “What a wonderful world” which they originally performed during the Betjeman Competition in Founders’ Hall a couple of weeks ago. Mr White’s guitarists performed for us and we had an excellent poetry reading. We also gave out the Swiss Ski School awards to the girls who travelled to Glion earlier this term.

Switzerland is a unique experience that Hill House offers. Alexandra Melnikova was on one of the trips this year and shared her experience with us in Assembly. It captured the experience of what it is like to be in Glion so well that I have asked if it could be reproduced below.

Some students from higher years including myself have recently been on a ski trip to Glion, in Switzerland. It was a challenging experience in many ways but also hugely rewarding.

For some children, it was the first time ever staying away from home but that was not the only thing we had to do for the first time. It was certainly a new experience for me to make my own bed with hospital corners, which initially was torture! Other new experiences were doing the house jobs such as collecting the post, setting the table, cleaning the dormitory, collecting the rubbish and shopping on our own. But the most exciting job for many of us was phone duty because we got a chance to answer the house phone with a serious voice and act like a detective trying to find the right child in the chalet.

The highlight of the trip was the porridge, of course… I have to say, it was scrumptious.

Now finally, about the skiing. It was so much fun to ski with your friends, helping them find their skis in a pile of snow after a fall, carrying our skis all the way to the train station and back. All of that helped to improve our athletic abilities.

In the end, it was a fun giant sleepover with our friends, which helped us to grow up and become more independent.

I would like to thank our teachers for organising such wonderful trips to Switzerland.

Thank you

Alexandra Melnikova, Lower Transitus

On Monday the pupils in Lower Senior School and Lower Transitus were treated to a visit from the author Jay Jay Burridge. He spoke about his inspiration for writing books from his background in presenting art programmes on children’s television through to building life-sized dinosaurs as an artist. By all accounts the boys and girls were enthralled by his in-depth and interesting presentation.

Earlier today the Upper School Swimming Gala took place at the Chelsea Sports Centre. The Main School Gala is next week. The results will be announced in the final Assembly of term.

Richard Townend

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