Headmaster’s Newsletter – 16 March 2018

Dear Parents,

The penultimate week of term has seen no let up in the number of events taking place throughout the school and the successes they have brought. Yesterday a team of four boys from the Upper Sixth, under the guidance of Mr Way, took part in the Westminster Geography Prep School Quiz. I am delighted to announce that they came second, beaten only by the host school. Congratulations to Sandro Levi, Harold Robson, Edwin Robson and George Wormald.

On Tuesday Founders’ Hall became an enclave of France for the Inter House French Spelling Bee. Thank you Mr Frackowiak and the French department for organizing this excellent event. Below Mr Frackowiak has given us a taste of proceedings.

Twenty-three pupils showed nerves of steel as they competed in front of their Year groups in a French Spelling Bee Competition. Pupils had to learn a bank of fifty words in preparation for the competition.

Each pupil was given a French word that he or she had to spell using the English alphabet but including French accents and punctuation. This would be difficult enough at the best of times but doing it in front of the one or two year groups intensified the pressure. Competitors recalled up to fourteen words within the one minute time limit. A special mention to Karim who achieved that record!

The next stage of the competition was a ‘ping-pong’ match in which two pupils in the same year group but from a different house had to spell a word letter by letter, taking turns. Hill House boys and girls were so good at this exercise that we had to ask them to spell a few words backwards to intensify the challenge.

Congratulations to all pupils who took part: Aiyad Ahmed, Rupert Munn, Fitz Taylor, Amber Gaskell-Brown , Riona Dighe, Sofia Ameen, Raha Alaghband, Arun Iqbal, Leo Lenhard, Oscar Nathan, Pascal Bachman, Samra Di Maio, Victoria Litvinenko, Sofia Santese, Lilla May Milanovich, Sophie Mehra , Alexander Whale, Gaspard Soublin, Paul de Nonneville, Magnus Gutteridge , Karim Seif, Lily Parker and David Broomfield.

Everyone showed great courage to stand up on stage in front of a keen and supportive audience. It was so impressive to see the girls and the boys in action and showing commitment and passion towards their own houses.

Our Mathematicians have also received praise this week when we received the results from the Primary Mathematics Challenge Bonus Round. Twelve of our pupils were invited to participate in the Bonus Round, which sees students competing on a worldwide level. From 68 000 pupils that took part in the PMC, only 3255 were selected to take part in the Bonus round. Congratulations to the following pupils on their awards and thank you to Miss Rae.

  • Ella Cave-Bigley – Certificate
  • Andreas Gurdjian – Certificate
  • Olivia Pollet – Certificate
  • Sameer Sunder-Rajan – Certificate
  • Pascal Bachmann – Bronze
  • Max Ellis – Bronze
  • Alexander Flood – Bronze
  • Aran Iqbal – Bronze
  • Leo Lenhard – Bronze
  • Meira Gerasimovaite – Silver
  • Oscar Kinirons – Silver
  • Adam Seydo – Silver

Nearly one hundred and forty of our young musicians have been performing in Showcases in Founders’ Hall throughout this week. Next week the boys in the Lower Sixth will be presenting their production of Wind in the Willows at 6.30pm on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday at 6pm the Choral Scholars will give their Spring Concert in Founders’ Hall before their tour to Switzerland next term.

It has been a busy sporting week too; with five inter school fixtures, the Lower Sixth Squash tournament and the Main School Swimming Gala. The results of the gala will be announced in Assembly on Wednesday.

Upper Delta visited the British Museum on Tuesday, complimenting the visit the Upper Kappa made last week. While they were there they learned about the library and made their own books including threading the spine.

The final ski course of term departed on Wednesday. There is still plenty of snow and hopefully plenty of sunshine. They will return on Tuesday.

The Small School Parents’ Evenings took place this week. It is always rewarding to see the progress that the children have made since they arrived with us in September.

With the end of term in sight there are a couple things to be mindful of. Next term we change over to Summer Uniform. Billings & Edmonds will be in Founders’ Hall tomorrow between 10.30am and 2pm. Please see the poster attached. There are no Friday Clubs next week.

A note to parents collecting from Cadogan Gardens: now that the evenings are lighter and the weather warmer, please be aware of children’s behaviour in Pavilion Road at the end of the day. When children are in uniform they are ambassadors for the school and their behaviour must match our expectations.