Headmaster’s Newsletter – 27 April 2018

Dear Parents,

The first of this term’s four music trips to Glion left on Thursday morning. Over the course of the weekend the Brass Consort will be giving concerts in Territet and St. Imier and playing at the Sunday morning service at the English Church. Later this term the St. Cecilia Singers, Choral Scholars and a group of guitarists will all travel to Switzerland to give concerts in the area surrounding Montreux and further afield.

During Assembly this week along with the Maths Challenge awards we gave out skiing awards to the boys who had been to Glion last term, the girls having received theirs in March. We heard then of a girl’s perspective of life in Glion (see the Newsletter from 9 March). In the same way in which we have prospective parents shown around Hans Place by pupils so they get a true impression of what it is like to be a pupil at Hill House; here is what Charles Hanslip Ward felt about his trip to Glion. He read this during Assembly and it gives a flavour of what going to Switzerland is all about.

Ever since my brother and sister returned from their Swiss trips, I have been desperate to go to Glion because they told me how much fun it was. I have been looking forward to going since Small School.

The journey there was epic because I was with all my best friends and we were all so excited to see the Hill House chalet and what the mountains looked like. 

We arrived at the chalet on a mountain train. It was beautiful because it was night-time and all the lights in Glion were twinkling. The chalet was really nice; Emily the housekeeper had prepared it beautifully for us. Everyone was excited to look around. Walter the chef had produced a magnificent meal – as he did every day without fail – every meal was delicious.

We were all assigned jobs to help around the chalet – mine was shopping, other jobs were shower duty, dining room cleaners, dormitory monitors and telephone monitors – you get the idea – we all do our bit to help the Hill House chalet run smoothly.

I had never skied before so I was really excited to get out on the mountains – we went on a mountain train to the ski resort and were given lessons by the ski instructor, Lena. As I had never been in the mountains before I felt a bit ill for the first few days – Mr Faithful told me I had altitude sickness. It makes you feel very queasy but Mr Faithful kept an eye on me and made sure that I was OK.

Skiing was sensational – at first it really hurts your legs because you are using different muscles – but Lena was a good teacher and soon I could parallel ski.

We had whiteouts on a couple of days but it did not matter because there is always something else to do – like the 1055 step walk down the mountain or swimming in the local pool.

If you asked me what the best thing was about the trip, I would have to say it was having fun with my friends – we laughed an awful lot – to be honest, almost all of the time.

A full programme of Showcases starts next week with guitars, brass and violins. Do come and support these. There is also a full fixture list and a trip to the Science Museum for Upper Senior School. All trips, fixtures and showcases can be found on the calendar of the website.

Best wishes,

Richard Townend

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