Headmaster’s Newsletter – 23 September 2016

Dear Parents,

Athletics Day at the Battersea Park Millennium Arena last week was again a great success. Nearly 500 children competed in various disciplines for points for their respective houses. Always a keenly competitive event the points tally will be revealed at Assembly on Wednesday morning. Thank you to all those members of staff whose hard work went into preparing the day and for helping to make it run smoothly on what was an extremely hot day.

This coming week sees the beginning of sports fixtures throughout the school. We wish all our teams success.

There are two Parents and Tutors’ Social Evenings in Founders’ Hall between 6.30pm and 8.00pm next week. On Tuesday (27 September) it is the turn of Upper School Kappa and Delta and on Thursday (29 September) Upper School Alpha, Beta and Gamma. We look forward to meeting many of you there. If you have not yet replied to your invitation we would be grateful if you would.

We are expecting the individual and class photographs to be delivered to school in the next week. Details of how to purchase these, with deadlines for orders, will be included in the packs.

There have been people asking about individual music lessons and when they will be starting. With over five hundred individual sessions to arrange during the week with many factors to be taken into consideration and ensembles in addition to that it can take a little time for all the pieces of the jigsaw to come together.

If you have not done so already this term, please fill out the Pupil Information Sheet on the new school website. We are still missing a large number of these. It is important to note that if you have not received a confirmation email the form will not have been submitted and we will not have received the information. This form is important as it ensures we have the most up-to- date contact information for you and asks for your consent to take your child on school trips. This is something we are required to ask for and without it they will not be able to go on trips. Thank you.

Richard Townend

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