Headmaster’s Newsletter – 4 November 2016

Dear Parents,

The Foundation Day Assembly is one of the highlights of the school year and this year was no exception. The sight and sound of Lower School wearing their national dress, being introduced with such confidence and then singing together with great enthusiasm was a wonderful demonstration of what we as a school hope to encourage and promote: children from all corners of the world coming together to work and play. In 1951 the guiding vision for the school was that the modern child must be educated for a world community. He or she must be taught to understand that all nations depend on one another; learn to live with children of other nationalities; respect that which is unknown and often very foreign to them, and thus open the doors to belong to a world which each day becomes smaller. It is just as relevant today as it was sixty-five years ago.

I am very pleased to say that as a result of our Mufti Day and Cake Sales before Half Term we managed to raise £2,619.40 for the Italian Red Cross. Thank you for your generosity.

Next week sees the first of this term’s Showcases in Founders’ Hall. There is a guitar showcase on Monday and on Wednesday a violin showcase. As ever, these are at 6pm and open to all. On Tuesday there is a Parents’ Evening for Upper Transitus Z, again in Founders’ Hall. The boys of Upper Alpha have a trip to the Thames Explorer and the girls in Lower Transitus A are visiting the Ragged School Museum for a taste of Victorian education. There are no fewer than six sports fixtures throughout the week. More details of these events are available on the school website.

There will be the monthly secondhand uniform sale in Cadogan Gardens on Tuesday. Please see the attached flyer. We are always a little short of good quality knickerbockers and gold jumpers in larger sizes. All donations are gratefully received.

A polite reminder that if a pupil is not going to be at school for any reason, other than illness, prior permission must be requested. Your Senior Tutor can grant requests for medical appointments and visits to secondary schools. All other requests need to be submitted for approval to the Deputy Head (Pastoral), Mr. Carlson via email. ccarlson@hillhouseschool.co.uk

Thank you.

Richard Townend

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