Headmaster’s Newsletter – 2 December 2016

Dear Parents,

This past week has seen the Christmas shows for Small School, Lower School and Middle School. All the shows were excellent, full of joy and excitement. To be able to see the progression from one year group to the next was outstanding. The enthusiasm with which all the children took part was wonderful to see. Thank you to all the staff that put so much time and effort into creating these excellent shows.

Earlier this year the Scottish Church asked us if we could create a new Nativity scene for the church. Various groups of pupils including the DT and Art clubs have combined to produce an installation that the church is delighted with. It is in the entrance hall of the church. When you come to the carol service on Friday do have a look at it.

It is a busy final week of term with Christmas parties and activities taking place throughout the school. On Monday the school Brass Ensemble will be playing carols and Christmas music in Peter Jones between 5pm and 6pm. All support will be greatly appreciated. They will be easy to find! The Upper Sixth Alpha Parents’ Evening will be in

Founders’ Hall on Monday. Tuesday sees the Choral Scholars singing for the Lord Mayor in a special service at St. Margaret Lothbury. Wednesday’s Assembly will be treated to massed violins in addition to the Brass. On Thursday the Flu vaccinations, for those in Lower School, Middle School and Kappa/Delta who have opted for them, will be administered. The last music lessons of term will be on Thursday.

On the last day of term the annual Carol Service will be held at St Columba’s. This is open to all parents. Small School & Lower School children do not attend but their parents are very welcome. Small School & Lower School leave as normal for a Friday from Flood Street and Pont Street. There are no Friday Clubs.

Please note the following points for the last day of term:

• No school bags or books are required at school. (All possessions should be taken home on Thursday at the latest.)

• Pick-up is from St Columba’s at the end of the service (about 1215), not from Cadogan Gardens or Main School.

• To help with congestion and safety, we ask that when the service is finished, parents exit the church first and move to the various collection points located on the footpath outside
(see map on the following page).
Please note that the children will not leave the church until it is clear of parents.

The format for the day:
1030: Church doors open
1100: Service begins
c.1215: End of service, parents exit first and go to the relevant collection points. 1220: Children exit the church to collection points.

Thank you.