Headmaster’s Newsletter – 6 July 2018

Dear Parents,

The final week of term is now upon us and it is full of events, parties and picnics. As ever the year finishes with our end of year spectacular, Field Day, on Thursday. Children will be bringing home your invitation to this on Monday. You will need to bring the invitation card with you to gain entry to the Duke of York’s on Thursday. One card per party is sufficient. If you require more invitations, for grandparents etc, these can be collected from either the front office in Hans Place or Cadogan Gardens or Flood Street. As an additional bit of security you may be asked for the name and class of your child. Please make sure that all the people in your party know this information too. Please note the timings of Field Day this year as they have changed from previous years.

  • 1030 – Gates Open/Cricket Matches
  • 1200-1300 – Main School Matches & Displays
  • 1300 – All spectators seated
  • 1300 – Whole School 100m Sprints
  • 1500 – Field Day ends

I would ask you to enjoy the event from the grandstand and to follow the instructions of the stewards. Please do not use the area in front of the Saatchi Gallery. Thank you.

On Wednesday we have our Graduation Assembly when we will be able to celebrate the great successes of the boys and girls leaving us at 13+ and 11+. The results have been outstanding this year and in particular the girls have reaped a record haul of scholarships in every field. The boys’ results in 13+ Common Entrance have proved beyond doubt the value of the nurturing education we provide at Hill House. The number of A and A* grades was exceptional.

On Monday evening, between 6pm and 8pm, we have the gala opening with prize giving of the Summer Art Exhibition in Founders’ Hall. The exhibition will also be open to view throughout Tuesday. There is a Guitar Showcase on Tuesday evening at 6pm, which will take place in amongst the art. All are most welcome.

Last Tuesday the final of the annual Speech Competition was held in Founders’ Hall. Congratulations all the finalists and in particular to our prizewinners:

1st Prize Ella Cave-Bigley – Poaching isn’t worth it

2nd Prize Chloe Francini – What are dictators?

3rd Prize Charles Hanslip-Ward – The Sixth Sense

Special Commendation Alexander Woolmer – The Pineapple

The adjudicator, Sir Andrew Parmley, former Lord Mayor of London was particularly impressed by the sense of social responsibility that came through in many of the speeches. Ella gave her thought provoking speech at Assembly on Wednesday in front of the whole school.

This week’s Assembly was another tour de force. Middle School gave us a wonderful demonstration of the power of music in learning with two French songs as well as a poem. We are also grateful to Mr Marshall, a former world No.2 and British No.1 in Squash who spoke about what it is like to be – and what it takes to become – a top athlete. As in all walks of life it is not necessarily the most gifted who rise to the top but the ones who work hard and give their best at all times who make it in the end. It is a philosophy we try to embed here and to have someone from outside the school reinforcing that was very strong. Thank you. Who better to give out the Squash and Tennis awards?

Over the last week the boys in both the Upper and Lower Sixth have been building rockets as part of a science project. Hyde Park was the launch site. Congratulations to Harold and Edwin Robson who were the overall winners in the Upper Sixth. Their rocket achieved an astonishing 175mph. For the Lower Sixth there were three categories:
Height reached: Abhay Menon and Jaden Shem-Tov

Distance traveled: Ossian Dobbs, Billy Hutter-Mills and Nicolas Raw (36 meters)

Best Name: Aquaincaelo [“water in the sky”] by Karim Seif and Magnus Gutteridge.

Best wishes,

Richard Townend

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