Headmaster’s Newsletter – 23 November 2018

Dear Parents,

Wednesday’s Assembly highlighted two of the significant additional strands to a Hill House education not to mention the very fine reading of a Shakespeare sonnet by Luke Empson. Firstly, we had the distance swimming awards for the pupils at the upper end of the school. To realise that some of those receiving awards had swum more than a mile in half an hour is nothing short of remakable. Secondly, the musical offerings: the combined choirs sang a Kyrie composed for the choirs at Hill House by Hilding Carlson from Sweden accompanied on the flute by Professor Hans-Georg Reinertz from Belgium. We were also treated to four different cello ensembles from Cadogan Gardens comprising no fewer than 24 pupils. And Professor Reinertz was on hand on Thursday evening to give out awards at the end of our Festival of St Cecilia – Soirée d’Or Showcase.

The boys in Lower Senior School went to the Houses of Parliament this morning to visit both the House of Lords and the House of Commons. They toured Westminster Hall and participated in a workshop on making laws. I undertand the boys were hugely engaged on the tour and asked diverse and interesting questions. It is certainly a particularly interesting time to be visiting.

We are gathering a growing amount of lost property and also a number of named items of uniform have gone missing. Please can you check that all the items of uniform you have at home are indeed yours. If you do find any items that belong to somebody else please hand them in. As you can imagine, the owners will be very happy to be reunited with their belongings.

The school uniform is unique and distinctive. It is therefore important that it is worn correctly and children should look smart at all times, particularly when they are walking in the streets to and from school. There are a number of children who are either wearing breeches which are not the correct size or wearing them incorrectly. Breeches should be worn with the elastic just below the the knee. When sitting this should remain below the knee. There are two pictures below showing how they should look. Thank you for your consideration of this important point.

SC Transport, who offer a bus service at the end of the school day are proposing to add a new route towards the South West. This would be in addition to the existing routes to the West and North. If you are interested please contact SC Transport directly. A flyer is attached.

Earlier this week I received a letter of thanks from the Royal Brompton Hospital for the money we raised on Mufti Day before Half Term. It is copied below. It is heartening to know that the money is going to make a material difference to people’s lives. Thank you very much.

Best wishes,

Richard Townend

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