Headmaster’s Newsletter – 24 May 2019

Dear Parents,

A highlight of this week has been the magnificent Upper Transitus production of Bugsy Malone at Founders’ Hall. To see the enthusiasm and joy on the faces of the young performers throwing themselves whole-heartedly into the show was a wonderful endorsement of the time spent in preparation for such an event. It shows the real importance in our curriculum of these cultural activities, which join together the art, music and drama departments in such a cooperative enterprise and thus enrich the experience of all our pupils.  At the moment we have an old Hill House girl starring in Rosersholm at the Duke of Yorks Theatre in the West End.  Hayley Atwell will be well known to many of you for her leading rôles in Brideshead Revisted, Howards End and the Captain America films, among others.  Last week she was featured in an interview in the Daily Telegraph where she said: “I always had a cause as a kid. I really felt the imbalance in the world from a young age. Hill House was a gift……then I would go back to my social housing where no one had money……my parents loved people and I was exposed to this rich, multicultural environment where everyone talked about their ideas.”

Today at Hill House pupils come from 48 nations speaking 27 different languages with seven religions all happily living together in harmony in one school. We offer them a fully rounded comprehensive and broad education that gives every pupil the opportunity to discover their talent and develop it to its limits, which is the best gift you can give a child.  Hill House will always strive to attain that goal preparing our pupils for their future in an ever-changing world community.

Speaking of a changing world, one of the areas that is to the fore at this time is the plight of the oceans. This a topic that the children in Upper Kappa and Delta have been looking at during their Social Studies lessons. The theme for Chelsea in Bloom this year is “Under the Sea” and so the children have been out to visit some of the more relevant displays. There were two excellent displays by Surfers Against Sewage and Plastic Oceans showing the damage plastic and other items of rubbish are having on our environment and how we can all make a difference. The children were fascinated.

It has been a busy week for the children of Upper Kappa and Delta as they all went to visit the National Gallery on Monday. They were shown a number of pictures from different periods and styles by the gallery guides. A stimulating start to the week. Not to be left out the boys in Upper Senior School visited The Tower of London on Tuesday as part of their History course. They were shown around not by the “Beefeaters”, or Yeoman Warders which is their official title, but knights in chainmail.

After Half Term we have our annual Book Fair in both Main School and Upper School. The Main School Book Fair will take place from Monday 3 June to Wednesday 12 June inclusive.

All pupils will have an opportunity to visit the Fair, where they may purchase books, with their English teachers. Cash only please.The Upper School Book Fair runs a little differently. It will be taking place between 8.00am and 8.30am from Monday 10 June until Friday 14 June. Parents of any year group are more than welcome to come and buy books for their children during these times. All proceeds go towards the Main School and Cadogan Gardens Upper School libraries respectively. 

We wish all the boys taking Common Entrance immediately after Half Term the very best of luck. All the hard work that has been put in over the last weeks and months we trust will bring the results that they richly deserve.

With best wishes,

Richard Townend