Headmaster’s Newsletter – 13 September 2019

Dear Parents,

As we come to the end of the second week of term things are beginning to settle down a little. Pupils and staff are becoming more familiar with their new classes and timetable. Those who have moved to a new building are finding their feet and are less often to be found searching for an elusive classroom.

On Wednesday we had our first Awards Assembly of term where our new House Captains were announced and awarded their badges. Many congratulations to:

  • Grammont:
    • Theodore Cripps 
    • Stella Pastor 
  • Midi:
    • Max Ellis
    • Sophia Sawyers
  • Naye:
    • Oscar Nathan 
    • Charlotte Lavers
  • Rosa:
    • Pascal Bachmann
    • Catherine Perusset 

The House Captains will be pressed into service immediately as this coming Tuesday is Athletics Day. All pupils in Upper Beta and Upper Gamma along with the whole of Main School will be taking part and earning points for their Houses. As you will have seen in Mr Hastings’ letter earlier this week the date has had to be changed at late notice due to a complication at the venue. Please refer to Mr Hastings’ letter for details of the day, what the children should wear and need to bring with them. Regrettably we are unable to accommodate spectators.

Following Music Day last week I have had an enormous number of applications for individual music lessons. As a result, trying to squeeze everyone into an already busy timetable is far from straightforward. Moving just one piece in this complicated jigsaw has many ramifications. I thank you for your patience as the timetable takes shape. Next week the first of the ensembles will be starting. Again, these will be rolled out over the next fortnight. If your child is not immediately assigned an ensemble it does not follow that they have been forgotten.

Next week the whole school will be having individual and class photographs taken. Please ensure that your child comes to school wearing clean and well-presented uniform including v-neck slipover, cravat (except Small/Lower School) and polished shoes. 

  • Monday – Main School (All classes except L6Y, LTH, LTR, LTY, LSSY)
  • Tuesday – Cadogan Gardens (Upper Kappa, Upper Delta, Middle School & Lower School) 
  • Wednesday – Small School, L6Y, LTH, LTR, LTY & LSSY
  • Thursday – Upper Beta, Upper Gamma

Yesterday evening was the first of our Parent Tutor Social Evenings in Founders’ Hall. It was a pleasure to meet you all at the beginning of your journey with us over the next nine years. This Tuesday, 17 September, we welcome all of you who are parents of pupils in Senior School, both Upper and Lower. On Thursday it is the turn of Lower School.

Friday Clubs will begin next week. Emails will be sent out next week confirming which club your child is enrolled in as appropriate.

Headmasters and Headmistresses of Public Schools regularly visit us and on Thursday Mr Peter Roberts, Headmaster of The King’s School Canterbury, came for lunch and a tour of the school, including Founders’ Hall. He met many members of staff while he was with us and particularly Mr Barnett, Mrs Rosillo and Ms Cronin to talk about the latest Entrance procedures at King’s. We have known him for many years and it always a pleasure to see him.

I am regularly sent news of former pupils and it was very pleasing to hear that Annalise Worraker, who went on to Benenden last year, has been awarded not only an Academic Scholarship but also the Dr Peter Lewis Science Prize for most promising scientist of the year. To quote Mrs Worraker, “I believe her success is attributed firstly to all her hard work, and secondly to her foundation at Hill House”. Congratulations to Annalise and thank you to all those who played a part in her journey while she was at Hill House. Secondary schools are eager to have our pupils, as Peter Roberts wryly remarked on Thursday, “You never send us any duds!”

Best wishes,

Richard Townend