Headmaster’s Newsletter – 1 November 2019

Dear Parents,

Thank you for the magnificent response to the Harvest Festival collection for the Upper Room charity. They were all collected this morning with the help of some of the children in Cadogan Gardens. It makes one reflect on how lucky Hill House children are to have good food every day of the week. Our four chefs – Kelly McAuliffe in Hans Place, Pascal Cheniti in Cadogan
Gardens, Edmund Hoar (Mr Ed) in Flood Street and Walter Pfister in Glion – prepare delicious lunches for over 700 people every day. Everything comes fresh from local suppliers and the chefs with their kitchen teams create menus suitable for the range of ages in each building. The last Geography course in Glion proved the point when at one meal they created a record by eating 160 meatballs and 3 kilos of pasta between sixteen of them at one supper! Madame Tomba, and now Walter’s porridge have become the stuff of Hill House legend and on recent courses some boys have enjoyed four helpings at breakfast. Your contributions this Friday are therefore doubly gratefully received and will help to bring warm meals to many homeless people in the coming wintery months.

Maintaining the charitable theme, thank you for your donations during Mufti Day before Half Term. The final total raised was £1,747.42. This has been sent off to the Meningitis Trust. Last month I was able to send £1,250 to the St. Nicholas Fund at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. This was the money raised from the sale of second-hand uniform. I copy below an email of gratitude I received from the trustees of the fund.

Our most immediate and costly project is still the refurbishment of the waiting area of the burns unit, but with Christmas on the horizon there will doubtless be requests coming from the various wards. It will be wonderful to be able to say yes!

“Hill House School never ceases to amaze us with their generosity. To add to your kindness in allowing us to use your hall for our fundraising event, we now receive another large cheque! On behalf of all of us, thank you so much. Please also express our gratitude to all those who donated from your second-hand clothes sale.

With our renewed thanks and kindest regards,”

The second half of term has got off to a flying start. On Monday evening the pupils of Upper Gamma performed Emil and the Detectives to a packed Founders’ Hall. It was a splendid evening and even more so considering it was the first day back after Half Term and so they had not rehearsed for over a week. On Tuesday evening the boys in the Sixth Form presented an evening of French oratory. It is no mean feat to stand up and recite poetry in front of an audience at the age of eleven or twelve years old and to do it in a foreign language is even more impressive.

There have been trips too. The girls in Lower Transitus visited the Ragged School Museum and were transported back to the Victorian era dressing up as Victorian school children with a lesson in the school room from, as Miss Sargent put it, “the scary Victorian teacher, who tried a few Victorian punishments on them”. They also had to work out what various household objects were used for. The boys in Upper Senior School visited the Holland Park Ecology Centre, where they went pond dipping, and the Design Museum.

Today the first of our two Drama and Music courses have departed for Glion. While in Switzerland they will be working on Captain Noah and his Floating Zoo with Mr Brown and Miss Wakefield. Do come and see their showcase in Founders’ Hall on 21 November when they will join forces with the second group who will be in Glion in a fortnights’ time.

The Cadogan Estate run an annual competition to select a child to help Father Christmas turn on the Christmas lights in Sloane Square. The entry form is attached and the closing date is next Friday, 8 November. Entries should be returned directly to the Cadogan Estate as per the instructions on the form.

As of Half Term we have switched to Winter uniform until Easter. Unfortunately, some of the uniform and in particular the amount of polish on shoes is falling below the required standard. The Hill House uniform is instantly recognisable throughout London and as such pupils are ambassadors for the school whenever they wear it. Please ensure your child comes to school wearing clean uniform that is in good condition, well-polished shoes, socks pulled up and a cravat. We are proud of our pupils and I hope they take pride in wearing the uniform.

Best wishes,

Richard Townend