Headmaster’s Newsletter – 29 November 2019

Dear Parents,

As we come to the final week and a half of term the focus in school is beginning to turn very much towards Christmas. Testing and assessment is now complete in both Cadogan and Main School and all the buildings are filled with the sound of Carols and preparation for the various shows that will take place in the next few days.

Advent is the time of preparation for Christmas in the church and I wanted to pick up on the theme of the Minister’s talk during Assembly this week. The reading was the Advent story of the Angel Gabriel’s visit to Mary or ‘The Annunciation’. The point he made in his talk was Mary’s willingness to accept the offer given to her and to see what might be. He then challenged all of us to do the same when offers are made to us. At Hill House that is exactly what we are trying to do day in and day out. We are constantly looking to give your children as many opportunities as possible and our hope is that that they will be accepted with an open mind. In this way they will have the greatest chance of success. Some will work and some won’t and that is perfectly alright. The willingness to try new things and to seize those opportunities is what is key. For example, this can be seen every day in Small School where the creativity of the children is encouraged and unleashed. Every week the Small School Scoop is filled with stories of what the children have created, be it Fire Engines, restaurants or the like, simply from their imagination and what they find around them. The opportunities that the children are given throughout the school are as wide ranging as possible so that we can help unlock and fulfil the potential in each one of them, be that academic, artistic or sporting. As I said to you at the Social Evenings at the beginning of term it is our hope that the children will come rushing into school every day because today will be even better than yesterday. We want our pupils to be interesting and interested young people. A child’s mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.

So what opportunities are coming up in the next week and a half? The Choral Scholars are travelling to Switzerland today for services and concerts over the weekend. For those of you who work in the City they will be performing at St. Margaret Lothbury by the Bank of England this Thursday, 5 December at 1.10pm. Small School will be performing their Christmas show on Tuesday and Wednesday; Middle School are performing ‘A King is born’ on Friday in Founders Hall; Violin Showcases are on Tuesday and Wednesday; Football fixtures on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday; Lower Transitus visit the Charles Dickens House on Thursday and the Brass Ensemble will be playing Carols in Peter Jones between 5pm and 6pm on Monday week to name but a few.

Our new Instagram account is being launched on Tuesday. Our handle is @hillhouseschoolchelsea I hope that this will be a convenient way in which we can share with you the opportunities both inside and outside the classroom that your children are being offered.

I look forward to seeing many of you over the next week and a half at either the Christmas plays, concerts or the Carol Service on the last day of term.

Best wishes,

Richard Townend