Headmaster’s Newsletter – 14 February 2020

Dear Parents,

In recent years we have seen an increasing interest in boarding schools. With this in mind we have arranged a presentation in Founders’ Hall on Thursday, 5 March at 6pm by Richard Cairns, the Headmaster of Brighton College, on modern boarding. Brighton is a co-ed school so he will be joined by the Registrar of a leading Girls’ school to give the perspective of the girls’ only environment. They will outline the choices between full boarding, weekly boarding and flexi boarding all of which are now available in a range of schools within easy reach of London. If you have never thought of boarding at 13+, or have limited experience of the many advantages a boarding school can give to a teenager, this will be an evening for you. There will be ample time for questions. On this occasion sons and daughters are welcome to join their parents and put their own questions to the two speakers. I would recommend this evening to all parents in Upper School and above, although of course all year groups are most welcome.

The Betjeman Poetry Recital was held in Founders’ Hall last week and our guest adjudicator, Dr Sir Andrew Parmley was so impressed with the level of recitation and presentation that he awarded extra prizes. The whole group reprised their performance of Benjamin Zephaniah’s The British (serves 60 million) during Assembly this week. It is a poem that encapsulates the ethos of Hill House and was brought to life splendidly by our Drama Club. Most grateful thanks to Miss Van Westhuizen and Miss Wakefield, our superb drama tutors, who inspire the pupils to give such enthusiastic performances.

This time last week out Senior Art Club were in Trafalgar Square helping to launch a new national Art Competition that is being run by the Trafalgar Way. The charity works in schools to bring to life the story of how the news of Nelson’s victory at the Battle of Trafalgar was brought to London in 1805. Our pupils were complimented on both their art and their behaviour. I quote from an email I received this week, “Thank you for bringing such an impressive and delightful group of pupils to Trafalgar Square on Friday. I was so impressed by their creativity and talent. I thought they were also immaculately behaved and polite.” They then continued to The National Gallery where they made sketches of some of the Impressionist masterpieces, including Seurat’s Bathers at Asnières, one of the pictures featured in our ‘We are Writers’ creative writing competition after Half Term.

Wednesday this week saw our annual Interhouse French Spelling Bee for Main School. Thank you to Monsieur Frackowiak for masterminding the event. The final results will be announced in Assembly after Half Term.

Parents’ Evenings for Upper School have now been completed: Lower School have theirs immediately after Half Term on Tuesday, 25 February, in Cadogan Gardens, 5.30 – 7.30pm.

Music Showcases for the term are now getting under way. This week we had a Piano and Harp showcase given my Miss Llywelyn’s pupils. The week after Half Term is filled with Brass on Monday, ‘Cellos on Tuesday, Clarinets & Saxophones on Wednesday, Flutes, Oboes & Bassoons on Thursday. All begin at 6pm and everyone is welcome. Do please come to support our talented musicians.

Thank you for your generous donations to our Mufti Day collection today. A special thank you to the girls in Upper Transitus whose excellent sales skills at their Cake Sale raised over £800 on its own!

I wish you all a restful Half Term.

Best wishes,

Richard Townend