Headmaster’s Newsletter – 26 June 2020

Dear Parents,

As we come to the end of this most extraordinary Summer Quarter anyone can ever remember with its constant challenges I came across a very apposite quotation: “sometimes nothing happens for decades: sometimes decades happen in a week.”  The Hill House spirit of “can do, will do” has been evident all through these spring and summer months when problems and considerable difficulties have demanded the agility and capacity of everyone to adapt swiftly to ever changing circumstances. Our pupils have shown their ability to surmount any obstacle and come through smiling.   Everyone – tutors, parents and pupils – need to congratulate themselves for their heroic efforts and look forward to enjoying a good holiday in preparation for a more normal September Quarter.

One of the sadnesses of this term has been the loss of all the events that would have taken place in Founders’ Hall – drama productions, music showcases, the Summer Art exhibition, and the Speech Competition.  However the Speech competition is being held virtually and the winners will present their speeches during the final Assembly on the last day of term. The music tutors have been busy arranging showcases via Zoom and you are all invited to join the following:  

Monday 29 June

  • 5.00pm Violins – Miss Reinoso

Wednesday 1 July

  • 5.00pm Guitars – Mr White
  • 6.00pm Violins – Miss Correa

Thursday 2 July

  • 5.00pm Violins – Miss Broome-Skelton
  • 5.00pm Guitars – Mr White
  • 5.30pm Violins – Miss Alter
  • 6.00pm Piano – Miss Haney
  • 6.00pm Bassoons & Oboes – Mr Bescoby

Friday 3 July

  • 2.30pm ‘Cellos – Mrs White
  • 3.00pm Violins – Miss Björk
  • 3.30pm ‘Cellos – Mrs White
  • 5.00pm Flutes – Miss Gonçalves
  • 6.00pm Harp & Piano – Miss Llwellyn
  • 6.00pm Piano – Miss Tchaouchian

If your child is not performing in one of the showcases and you would like to watch please email the school office for a link to join the Showcase. 

The Art exhibition will now be held in the autumn and the Poetry Day early in September.

Every pupil is invited to choose and learn one poem for Poetry Day.  May I recommend as a source the wonderful anthology “Classic Poetry” selected by Michael Rosen with illustrations by Paul Howard published by Walker Books.  It makes a perfect summer present for a parent to give their children! Copies are available from John Sandoe, 10 Blacklands Terrace, Chelsea, London SW3 2SR.   Telephone 020 7589 9473.

Invitations to the Geography courses have been sent out this week to all those who will be in the Upper Sixth in September.  Please send your replies without delay so that travel arrangements can be made. 

Tomorrow should have been Billings and Edmonds’s pop up shop in Founders’ Hall. This has naturally had to be cancelled. Their shop in Chiswick is now open again and they would be very pleased to see you! Below is a letter from them explaining the measures they have put in place in light of COVID-19. They are very keen to avoid the traditional last-minute rush as this will not be possible to manage under current circumstances and so they are offering discounts for those purchasing uniform in June and July.

As was set out last week there will be a Virtual Field Day for everyone on the last day of term. To make this logistically possible we are running eight Field Days through the day. 

  • 10.00am Small School
  • 10.45am Lower School
  • 11.30am Middle School
  • 12.15pm Upper Kappa, Upper Delta
  • 1.00pm Upper Beta, Upper Gamma
  • 2.00pm Upper and Lower Senior School
  • 2.45pm Upper and Lower Transitus
  • 3.30pm Upper and Lower Sixth

There will live sports events for every pupil to take part in, reflections on what Field Day means to our House Captains, announcement of the end of year Inter House Competition results and our traditional Flag Display. This year you will all be able and very much encouraged to take part and wave your flags in your own homes.

Best wishes,

Richard Townend