Headmaster’s Newsletter – 5 February 2021

Dear Parents,

This week there is much good news to report of Hill House successes and more and more certainty of the date of schools reopening which will please every parent in the land.  Indeed while 8 March is still the Prime Minister’s aspiration there are leaks today that an earlier date may come to be for some primary age children.  Whatever date is announced Hill House is ready and waiting to welcome back all our pupils.

This week we will all have been saddened by the passing of Captain Sir Tom Moore, who has been such an inspiration of hope and perseverance in these dark uncertain days.  Let us remember him for his wonderful words:  “Remember, tomorrow is a good day, tomorrow you will maybe find everything will be much better than today.”  If we all adopt those words and work to fully realise them we can move on with fortitude and conviction.

I received an email from the Minister of the Scottish Church at the start of this week, which I would like to pass on to you.

This morning I packed up our Hill House Nativity figures. It has served us very well this year, giving the livestream services a visual focus/point of interest, during lock down. We would normally pack it away promptly after January 6th, but this year I reckoned we needed some ongoing light, creativity and cheer. People have definitely appreciated what was crafted some years ago. Please know it has definitely been a source of life this season.

Meantime, I hope Hill House life – in-person or virtual – continues to bring good things. 

Best wishes

We hope to be able to return to St. Columba’s for our Wednesday Assemblies as soon as possible. Sadly we have no idea when this is likely to be at the moment.

I am delighted to bring you news of great success for our Debating Society. On Wednesday evening three Hill House teams took part in the Queen’s Gate Debating Tournament. There were three rounds of debates and three teams from Queen’s Gate, Thomas’ Kensington, Glendower and St Stephen’s in addition to Hill House. Each team had a tutor who acted as chair and judge. Thank you to Mrs Jones for masterminding our participation and thank you too to Mrs Proctor and Mrs Gilmour for their support and encouragement.

The teams were:

  • James Hill, Mary Rees-Mogg and Henry Higham
  • Harper Hastings, Charlotte Lavers and Fitz Taylor
  • Peter Rees-Mogg, Marina Brandwood and Jaime Espiago

The final results were announced just after 6.30 pm with Hill House as the Winners.

Congratulations to all of our debaters.

And finally some good news for parents!  After discussions today with our accountants and banker I can announce that we will be able to offer a generous discount on the Summer Quarter fee.  The exact figure will be calculated in due course when we know for certain when school will be able to open fully for the rest of term. 

Below you will find our provisional term dates for 2022.

Best wishes, 

Richard Townend

Provisional dates (to be confirmed) for 2022

Spring Quarter 2022

  • Tutors’ Day Tuesday 4 January
  • Term begins Wednesday 5 January
  • Half Term 14–18 February
  • Term ends Friday 1 April

Summer Quarter 2022

  • Tutors’ Day Monday 25 April 
  • Term begins Tuesday 26 April 
  • Bank Holiday Monday 2 May 
  • Half Term 30 May–3 June 
  • Common Entrance Exams 7–10 June
  • Field Day Wednesday 13 July 
    Term ends after Field Day at 4pm
  • Tutors’ Day Thursday 14 July

Winter Quarter 2022

  • Tutors’ Days 5 and afternoon of 9 September
  • Term begins Tuesday 6 September
  • Half Term 24–28 October
  • Carol Service Wednesday 7 December
    Term ends after the Carol Service at 12pm