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Children can enter Hill House at any age between four and eleven years old, if places are available. There is no formal entry examination for children at four years old. Older children will be required to spend a morning with us for academic and pastoral assessment.

It is possible to register your interest in Hill House by using the online Pre-Registration Form. We recommend this is completed before visiting the school.

Pre-Registration form

Stage One

Parents are invited to visit Hans Place any Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday during term time, at 8.30am. You will be taken on a guided tour of the school by two pupils followed by the opportunity to meet our Registrar, Miss Beryl Lang, and also a member of the Townend family. You can expect your visit to be completed by 10am. There is no need for an appointment — please just come on a day convenient for you at 8.30am. If you have not pre-registered you will be asked to complete the simple application form.

Stage Two

Subject to a place being available we will write to you after your visit, offering your child a conditional place. To accept this offer a non-refundable Registration Fee of £100 per child is payable. Once we have received this, we will send you a confirmation card for a conditional place at Hill House.

Stage Three

For children entering in Small School (Reception – Aged 4) we will ask you to commit yourself to Hill House by sending the Entrance Fee of £500 two terms before entry. When this is received your child’s place at Hill House is guaranteed and thus no refund will be made in case of non-appearance.

For children entering in Lower School (Year 1) or above, a confirmed place will be offered subject to a successful assessment. We will then ask you to commit yourself to Hill House by sending the Entrance Fee of £500. When this is received your child’s place at Hill House is guaranteed and thus no refund will be made in case of non-appearance.

It is important to remember that if you change your address you keep us informed, so that we do not lose touch with you.


Both parents, in applying for their child’s admission to Hill House, agree to abide by the standard terms and conditions of the school (which may undergo reasonable changes from time to time as circumstances require) and that the school may obtain, process and hold personal information about their child for the purpose of assessment and the welfare of the pupil whilst at Hill House. Full details of how we handle data can be found in our General Privacy Notice.


Mrs Janet Townend (Director of Admissions)
Miss Beryl Lang (Registrar)
Tel: 020 7584 1331

Fees for the Academic Year 2019–2020

The table below gives the fees for the year September 2019 to July 2020. Hill House is totally independent and has no shareholders. All the fee income is used for the benefit of the school, its staff and pupils. Fees are kept as low as possible, commensurate with providing the quality of education that you expect for your child, in order that the school is accessible to as wide a range of children as possible. We monitor all expenditure with the greatest diligence, so that we can offer an education at the most competitive fee level of any independent school in our area.

Winter QuarterSpring QuarterSummer Quarter
Small School
£14,100 per annum
Lower School
£14,400 per annum
Middle School
£14,700 per annum
Upper School
£16,200 per annum
Senior School
£17,100 per annum
Girls Transitus
£17,100 per annum
Lower Sixth Form
£17,700 per annum
Upper Sixth Form
£18,800 per annum

Fees are calculated on the length of the school day. The fees are fully inclusive except for private music instrument lessons, Friday clubs and Courses in Glion. We do not offer discounts. Fees are payable in advance of the first day of each Quarter (September, January and April) preferably by direct bank transfer. Prompt payment of fees is essential and a late payment charge of £200 per Quarter will be made for any pupil whose fees are not paid on time. It is possible to pay Fees monthly by application only.